Dalton’s Daughter update

The long-awaited complete edition of the saga of Sasha Wheaton, first Lieutenant of Detach Detachment, has now been given a publication date.

Dalton’s Daughter, Sasha’s full length biography, will be available for sale April 12, 2014.

This will be a limited edition first printing and judging from the reception our first GAF-related book received, the publisher recommends you reserve your copy today.

Email starklightdesk@gmail.com with your name and number of copies you would like to purchase.

The requests will be filled on a first email only basis- in this matter, as with all advance orders, only emails will be accepted.

Dalton’s Daughter- the tale of how a young girl raised on a mining colony fought her way to freedom, respect and independence- but would she also find love?

Congratulations to our Winners!

StarkLight would like to congratulate the winners of our First Short Story Contest!

We received 84 different submissions which qualified for final adjudication, an excellent turnout for our fledgling publishing house!

The publisher wants to thank each and every submittor to our contest, and encourages all submittors to continue further applications in our upcoming contests!

Our fifteen winning writers have been contacted, and we will be posting their short biographies on our site within the next week.

Look for StarkLight Volume 1 coming to bookstores and ereaders near you, March 31 2014!

Release of Second Printing of Tales from Space

Tales from Space Volume 1 is StarkLight Press’s first GAF short story anthology compendium, filled with stories taken from the long-standing GAF Mainframe website. It is filled with news and backstory of all of the GAF’s most beloved characters- or at least, as many as we could cram into 300 full pages.

The book flew off our shelves last autumn, exceeding the publishers’ expectations.

The second printing of StarkLight’s first volume of GAF short stories hits shelves in bookstores across Western Canada February 21 2014.

The action-packed anthology is also available online from Barnes & Noble.com, as well as Amazon in print and ebook!

Or buy it here at StarkLight Press.com!

Summer Short Story Madness Contest

Submission Length: 10 000 words maximum, flash fiction accepted.

Submission Content:
Any subject matter of a speculative, science fiction or fantasy nature involving either original characters or characters published under the StarkLight Press imprint (ie: GAFF, Dor’iann, I’snian Characters or worldsets). Sadly, though we would love to hear your top notch fan fiction, we can’t accept any wider re-characterizations. Thinly veiled alterations of a truly original nature will be run past our legal department however, and will be considered for publication through our not-for-profit webpages.

Graphic novels, illustrated short stories consisting of grayscale (sorry, no color images) will also be accepted. Again, see content guidelines as above. We aren’t MAD magazine, so we can’t risk the litigation of a good caricature, even though we do enjoy them

Submission Format: ODT, RTF, PDF formats. Images in JPEG only please, either embedded in file or tagged separately, 300 ppi for black and white, 600 ppi for color.

Other requirements: For our first time submittors, please include a five hundred word maximum bio that describes a bit about you and your writing career.

Also include a five hundred word maximum overview of the worldscape from which your story springs.

Include email address, webpages, facebook sites etc. Also phone number if so desired.

All submissions meeting the requirements will be considered, and all submitters will be contacted by May 24, 2014.

StarkLight Volume 2 will be published in July 2014.

Each winning contributor will receive:
a copy of Starklight Vol. Two
a Prize Packet of promotional materials including posters for the compendium, GAF poster grab bag and a StarkLight t-shirt, hat, magic writer’s pen and mug plus other goodies.

-thorough, nay exhaustive publicity for the winner and their websites through StarkLight Media, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, web coverage
-an interview to be posted on the StarkLight Industries and Carraway Productions YouTube channel
-an invitation for two to the StarkLight Volume 1 Book Launch party, at a swank location to be determined in 2014
will be signed on as part of our authors’ family (a non-exclusive arrangement, but one that guarantees your royalties to your story in perpetuity)

All short stories considered for publication in StarkLight Volume 2 must be first run, not published in any other print media or copywritten e-means. StarkLight Press reserves the right to republish the works as per our standard contract and maintains first right of refusal for second connected media publishing of related stories or media- we want to keep publishing you, and aim to meet your publication needs! Subsequent publishing of accepted stories by other imprints is subject to StarkLight Press approval.

Contact starklightdesk@gmail.com or call 250-467-2995 between 4 p.m. And 12 a.m. seven days a week for details.

As of February 1 2014, StarkLight Press has opened its second short story contest!

The winners of our event will have their stories published in our second StarkLight Anthology in July.

Each winner will also receive a prize pack which includes four authors’ copies, a StarkLight baseball cap, a GAF mainframe pen, mug and notebook, as well as a few other surprises…

See submission guidelines to be published shortly for more information, and check back to our events page on our blog to keep up to date on our contest’s progress!

M. Virginia Carraway

Virginia has been a writer most of her life and has been a prolific writer of science fiction, fantasy and speculative work as well as historical non-fiction and scientific journal contributions.

Since 2009, Virginia has been an active contributor to GAFMainframe.com, where she has proved an invaluable asset to developing the scope of the vast GAF universe. In addition to this, she also has published work on the Worlds of Dorian, The Voices of the Gods, The Ancient and Illustrious Betokened Secret Order of Goosetalkers and a range of speculative fiction.

She has several movies and shorts to her writing credit, including “BlindEye”, The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens” “Truth and Wine”. More recently, Virginia has penned screenplays for the notorious webseries “Philosopher Blues”. She is currently completing screenplays for two “Carnival Fun” shorts as well as the first Carnival Fun full length film to be released in 2015- in which she also plays the role of Virna Grant. (See Carnival Fun’s facebook page for more information.)

She is the President of Carraway Productions, a multimedia production company that works with state of the art technology to bring speculative fiction stories to life onscreen.

Virginia enjoys animals and nature. She spends most of her time when she isn’t writing with her pets, watching birds or in the garden. She is interested in the metaphysical and the paranormal with many of her works touching on these areas. She makes essential oils, soaps and lotions for her company ‘Electric Butter’, as well as contributes fashion designs for its clothing label which manufactures fantasy/cos-play garments as well as replicas of costumes from the GAF universe and the Worlds of Dorian.

She also blogs extensively and has written many scientific articles for medical sites and research journals in the fields of biochemistry, alternative health and diagnostics. Her regular blogs can be found at gafmainframe.com, myrwandafulblog.wordpress.com.  Coming soon… a new blog specifically for Carnival Fun which will compile character biographies, informative backstory and film and photos of all the characters from the film noir series.

Virginia has two novels currently in print- Tales From Space Volume 1 and Dalton’s Daughter.

Currently Virginia is branching into the field of True Crime, with the upcoming true story of a northern British Columbia murder and arson that was covered up as a suicide.

Tales from Space Volume 1

The first Galactic Armed Forces short story anthology is here! Ripped from the most searched Galactic News headlines, Tales from Space includes stories certain to satisfy the appetite of even the most backstory-hungry GAF fans. Explore the past adventures of Verily Wrought, billionaire and Captain of the GAF’s prestigious (and infamous) Detach Detachment, his first Lieutenant Sasha Wheaton and other favorite characters from the GAF novels and webseries. Included within are the long-awaited exposes of: – heiress Annanth Halvorsson’s transformation from wallflower genius to media darling – the story behind platinum selling pop star Dom Donovan’s onstage collapse during the infamous “Vampire plague” – the creation of Buxbie’s Better Bees – Verily Wrought’s escape from kidnappers in the Gamma Quadrant- the first appearance of Esser the intrepid Gendler and the infamous Legend of the Blackstone Maenad! Tales from Space- all the true stories behind today’s galactic headlines!

Included within the second edition are a foreword and prologue written by Virginia Carraway outlining the Universe So Far and her personal journey with the GAF.

6″x9″ Paperback, 300 pages black and white.

Color cover featuring artwork by Anthony Stark.

Order at starklightdesk@gmail.com

or follow links to be added February 21, 2014 to ebook sites across the web.